“So pleased with the leggings, they are of excellent quality and even better to be 100% recycled. They look like they will last many many years. Apexgray are legit compared to other greenwashing fast fashion brands.” 

JIIIOWW 19th April 2021

Eco-lite™ is the fabric we use for the majority of our sportswear range. It is perfectly suited for action! Under exertion it works in harmony with the body providing super comfort and really accentuates the female form. We have had great feedback from customers who have worn this fabric for all sorts of pursuits from Pilates to climbing.

All of this is fantastic on its own, however what is really exciting is that it’s made using recycled plastic. So how do we get from plastic to this fantastic fabric, it sounds great, but what does it actually mean? Is this process sustainable? What are the benefits of buying products made from this material?

The Process

Virgin plastic (polyethylene terephthalate – PET) is created using crude oil and natural gases. It is processed and heated to form a molten liquid. This liquid is generally used one of two ways; to create fabric – which we know as polyester – or to create solid plastic containers, i.e water bottles, food containers etc. And even though most types of PET are highly recyclable, less than half of the plastic bottles produced each year make it to a recycling facility. When they do, cleaning them sufficiently to become other food containers is really tricky (only around 7% are remade into usable bottles), which means they have to be put to other uses such as…….. fabric.

PET is cleaned, shredded, crushed and melted to be spun into thread. Recycled polyester fabric (rPET) can be used to make all sorts of products, such as grocery bags, backpacks, and in our case – sportswear.

The Benefits

When companies such as ourselves choose to use rPET in their products, they provide a market for recycled plastics. Like any business, recycling facilities have to make money–if they’re not turning a profit from the materials they collect, they’ll stop collecting them. When consumers purchase products made with recycled content, they’re sending a message to companies that they value their sustainability efforts! By creating awareness and demand for recycled products, we help solidify recycling programs and recycled goods as valuable pieces in the production process.

Recycling plastics also helps decrease the amount of plastic waste that enters landfills. Plastics in landfills take thousands of years to break down, and can leach toxic chemicals into the Earth. These chemicals can make their way into groundwater reserves, endangering both humans and animals. Plastics that “break down”, only do so into smaller pieces of plastic, which are still harmful to the ecosystems they may end up in.

Recycling not only provides a better option than the landfill, it also has the ability to greatly decrease our resource extraction. Over 60% of first-time PET production is used to create polyester textiles. By using PET that has already been in circulation, we’re offsetting the amount of new PET that needs to be created.

Energy is a big part of this equation too. Creating a plastic water bottle from 100% recycled content uses 75% less energy than its virgin counterpart. Although some energy and water is still needed to process these plastics into new forms (which is why we love reusable!), the amount is significantly less than creating first-time plastics. This translates to less resource extraction, which protects the natural landscapes where oil and natural gas are extracted. This also means that there is less carbon emitted  during the creation of new products. One year’s worth of recycling common plastics in the US can create the equivalent energy savings of taking 360,000 cars off the road

The Eco-lite Range

  • Terrain

    Terrain (1)

    The Terrain womens sports legging is manufactured in environmentally sustainable Eco-lite™ fabric providing the wearer with unparalleled comfort. Free delivery available.
  • Storm

    Storm (1)

    Storm womens sports leggings are made using super-soft and sustainable Eco-lite™ fabric. Perfect for the squat rack and walking up the high street. Free delivery available.
  • Stellar Sports Bra Top

    Stellar Sports Bra Top (1)

    An exclusive ‘stand out from the crowd’ sports bra top combines firm compression hold with recycled Eco-lite™ comfort. Free delivery available.
  • Stellar

    Stellar (1)

    Stand out from the crowd in the Stellar womens sports legging made using super-soft and sustainable Eco-lite™ fabric. Free delivery available.
  • Sports Headbands

    Sports Headbands (1)

    These sports headbands are made with supportive Eco-lite™ recycled polyester to keep your hair in place. Free delivery available.
  • Optifit Comp Sports Bra Top

    Optifit Comp Sports Bra Top (1)

    A fully adjustable compression sports bra top made from recycled Eco-lite™ fabric. Free delivery available.
  • Eclipse

    Eclipse (1)

    Eclipse sports leggings use fabric made from recycled bottles and clothing. They provide medium compression with full squat-proof coverage. Each leg features generous side pockets.

Apexgray are passionate about the environment and we consider our impact in everything we do. Our products come to you in reusable zip lock bags and are delivered in 100% recycled packaging. We are constantly challenging ourselves to find ways of being more environmentally-friendly and searching for the best and most sustainable materials that we can bring to you as sportswear.

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